Friday 4 September 2015

Watch the closing doors

The 2015 World Under 20 Championships is under way in Khanty-Mansiysk, and while I am sure the chess will be of a pretty high standard, the highlight for me so far are the tournament reports. "Watch the Closing Doors" was the headline from round 2, and I assumed this prefaced a story of some unfortunate GM being mangled by an automated building, but I was wrong.
"Watch the closing doors" was a chess expression that I was previously unaware of, as was the need to "slam the wicket", which was part of the same comment. I am assuming that the 'author' of these wonderful expressions was probably an automated translator, and that the whole thing made a lot more sense in Russian. Nonetheless, without making fun of the hard working bulletin editors, I recommend checking out the tournament bulletins at , both the see how the tournament is going, and to revel in the colourful prose used to bring these games to life.


Anonymous said...

I see there are no Aussies playing. That's a shame. AO

Anonymous said...

This expression has nothing to do with chess. Every Russian knows it because this is what they say in Moscow underground - "Be careful, doors are closing." I have read the second report in Russian and this is what it says.

Victor said...

I fully agree with the previous comment. Indeed, that is what they announce in Moscow subway trains before they start from a station. The doors are closed automatically.