Monday 14 September 2015

2015 World Cup Round 2 - Day 1

Not sure if players are thinking ahead, or round 1 was a little tougher than expected, but there were a number of very quick draws in the first day of the Round 2 matches at the 2015 World Cup. With no 'Sofia' style rules in play, a number of players shook hands before the 2 hour mark, including Veselin Topalov, who is normally not noted for this behaviour.
Of the games that are still in progress, most are running in favour of the higher rated player, although Krjakin has lost to Onischuk in what is probably the biggest upset of the day. If you wish to follow the ongoing games, or just catch up with the results, the tournament site is here.
I'll probably begin to throw in some extra posts for this event, as not until I wake up in around 7 hours before I get an overall picture of what happened, and can select an interesting game or two to feature.

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