Tuesday 15 September 2015

2015 World Cup - RBvR

One of the more interesting games on the first day of round 2 of the 2015 World Cup involved the dreaded Rook+Bishop v Rook ending. It occurred in the game between Vladimir Kramnik and Lazaro Bruzon and ended in the way that a lot of games involving this ending do. Once the ending was reached on move 75, Bruzon (with the rook) defended and defended making sure he avoid any mating nets etc. Kramnik kept pushing and pushing, hoping for a slip from his opponent. Of course such defending is hard work (having done it once myself) and on move 115, Bruzon moved his king to the wrong square and resigned a couple of moves later. A real heartbreaker for Bruzon, who is now losing his second game to Kramnik as I type this.
In the other matches, David Navara has been knocked out by lower seeded Gadir Guseinov, Sethuraman has knocked out countryman Harikrishna, while Michael Adams and Sergey Karjakin have evened the score after losing yesterday.

Kramnik,Vladimir (2777) - Bruzon Batista,Lazaro (2659) [A14]
FIDE World Cup 2015 Baku AZE (2.6), 14.09.2015

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