Thursday 10 September 2015

A modern immortal game

While not an expression that is used that often, an 'immortal' game (as opposed to "The Immortal Game), is a game where a player sacrifices a queen and two rooks to checkmate their opponent. As a further refinement, the rooks should be captured on their starting squares, although I may have mis-remembered that part.
Doing a quick search of my database I found a few examples of this motif, some which occurred quite recently. The last example I could find is from 2006, and is shown below. The other cool thing about this game is that not only did Black sacrifice most of his army, he executed a mate with the lowliest member, the humble pawn.

Yaremko,Nazar (2297) - Recuero Guerra,David (2396) [B56]
EU-ch U16 Herceg Novi (8), 18.09.2006


Chris Skulte said...

That is an awesome game.

Ian Rout said...

As I recall in the original "Immortal Game" the Rooks were captured on a1 and g1.

Brabo said...

I am still waiting to play my immortal prepared game in the Aljechin:
That is 2 moves quicker than Adolf Anderssen and with an aesthetic mate.

MachoM said...

An excellent game.

Best Wishes

Henrik Mortensen