Monday 28 September 2015

How good is your chess trivia

I've stumbled across a fun little chess trivia game that you can spend 5 or so minutes playing. It is from the Sporcle website, which I assume has a whole lot of these little trivia games, covering a number of different categories.
But rather than just be a straight forward "how many can you answer" type quiz, the goal is to make your way from a8 to h1 on the chess board. Starting at the the top left, every time you correctly answer a question it reveals questions on adjacent, but no-diagonal squares. The goal is to reveal, and answer, the question on h1 in as short a time as possible.
My first attempt took around 2:30 but taking advantage of the fact the the questions do not change my second attempt took 44 seconds. If you want to have a go then just visit and see how much you know.

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