Wednesday 2 September 2015

Spring is here

Ah spring. For some people the 1st of September signals the return of warm weather (in the Southern Hemisphere), unless you happen to live somewhere like Canberra. Spring in Canberra is a bit of a trap, where the first 6 weeks are almost as cold as winter, then it gets windy for a bit, and then summer turns up 5 weeks early!
But because we adhere to a set of seasons that kind of make sense in London*, Spring also marks the return to outdoors play for Street Chess. Ignoring the fact that it is probably colder in the first 2 weekends of September than the last 2 weekends in August, Street Chess will once again be played in City Walk, Canberra City. My tip for people planning to play in the next few weeks, dress like Scott of the Antarctic. But if you cannot do that, be prepared to invest in plenty of mulled wine and hot chocolate.

(* I actually heard a suggestion on the radio this morning that Australia should move to a 6 season system, with the Winter/Spring crossover being called Sprinter!)

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