Thursday 17 September 2015

The Blackmar-Diemar kicks in

While I am not a fanatical Blackmar-Diemer Gambit player (no it isn't a forced win for White), I do enjoy playing it when I get the opportunity. I usually wheel it out as a response to the Scandinavian (1.e4 d5 2.d4!) as starting with 1.d4 gives Black more choices to play openings that I do not like.
The following game was played recently at, with a 3 day per move time limit. Aiming for the usual king side hack I was surprised to see my opponent exchange on f3, until he dropped 12. .. Bxh2+ on me. Luckily for me I could move my king, and resultant extra tempo was just enough to start the attack with 13. Bxf6. The key idea was to get the Queen to h6 (cutting off escape squares), and even though I gave up a piece he had to return it straight away. After that I won back all my material, chased the king across the board, and then ... took another 35 moves to win.
Of course if you are using this game as part of your BDM repertoire, I'd just look at the first  22 moves. After that it is bit more hodgepodge, although I did win queen for rook and then had great fun zigzagging my queen around the board.

shaunpress (2311) - Messi000 (2065)
Let's Play!, 28.07.2015

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