Saturday 26 September 2015

2015 George Trundle Masters

The Auckland Chess Centre is once again hosting the George Trundle Masters, which provides opportunities for both New Zealand and Australian players to earn title norms. This years event sees a field of 4 Australian's, 5 Kiwi's and 1 Frenchman taking part. Top seed is Australian GM Darryl Johansen, with the rest of the field pretty evenly matched in the 2260-2360 range.
The first round saw 4 of the 5 games ending decisively, with 3 of the 4 wins going to Australian players. Darryl Johansen played a nice game against FM Bob Smith, while FM Karl Zelesco's win over FM Tim Reilly gives a good start to his chase for an IM norm.
Results of the event (and the Challengers) can be found here. Unfortunately there does not seem to be a live broadcast of games, but games should be available at some point.
(Thanks to FA Alana Chibnall for providing me with the game scores from round 1)

Smith,Robert W (2233) - Johansen,Darryl (2419) [B23]
George Trundle NZ Masters 2015 (1.3), 26.09.2015

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