Friday 25 September 2015

2015 Malaysian Open Update

Just had a quick look at the latest results from the 2015 Malaysian Open and Australian IM's Moulthun Ly and Anon Smirnov are well placed after 7 rounds. Ly is tied for third on 5.5/7, while Smirnov is in the next group of players on 5. While both also have TPR's of over 2500, unfortunately even a 2/2 finish for wither player won't result in a GM norm, as neither of them can play the 3 GM's required for a valid norm. Smirnov has played 1 so far (but has a non gm in round 8), while Ly has not played any of the 8 GM's in the 141 player field.
Further back are IM's Junta Ikeda, Brodie McClymont and Max Illingworth (who are all on 4.5/7).  Despite the distance they all travelled, McClymont plays Ikeda in round 8, having played Illingworth a few rounds earlier!

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