Wednesday 2 September 2015

Aronian wins 2015 Sinquefield Cup

Lev Aronian has won the 2015 Sinquefield Cyp after a final round draw with Veselin Topalov. Going into the last round with a full point lead, Aronian put himself out of reach of the chasing pack after Topalov took a draw by perpetual. This lead to a few more draws with Carlsen, Giri and Vachier Lagrave all getting to equal second after halving out. The other player to join them was Hikaru Nakaumra, who beat Alexander Grischuk in a game that had a very interesting finish.
The win for Aronian seems to be a popular one, with most chess fans applauding one of the nice guys of elite chess (although most of the top 10 could be considered 'nice' these days). After a poor run of form over the last 12 months ot so, the win by Aronian adds yet another factor into the 'who will play Carlsen' question.

Nakamura,Hi (2814) - Grischuk,A (2771) [B51]
3rd Sinquefield Cup 2015 Saint Louis USA (9), 31.08.2015

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