Wednesday, 27 November 2013

When tricks don't work

Of the 6 decisive games from the World Teams Championship (from a total of 20 games), not a single one was won by White. Looking through them, I saw at least two games where White 'thought' they were winning, only to see the line chosen blow up in their faces.
In the game below White must have thought he had found a clever way of winning a pawn with 16.Nxd5 (as 16. ... Qxb5 fails to 17.Nxf6+). But 16. ... Qza2 was a rude awakening, as suddenly the exposed White king is caught in a cross fire of checks, and White is just lost.

Abdel,Razik Khaled - Meier,Georg [D37]
World Teams 2013 Antalya TUR (1.1), 26.11.2013

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