Saturday, 23 November 2013

Normal service is now resumed

Understandably the main focus of the chess world in recent weeks has been the 2013 World Championship Match. But now that it is over, other events are ready to pop up. The next big event is the World Teams Championship, which is being held in Antalya, Turkey, starting on the 24th November. This event is a 10 team round robin, consisting of the top finishers from the previous Olympiad, as well as the best teams from each FIDE Continent.
Interestingly, this event comes quite soon after the completion of the European Team Championship, which was won by Azerbaijan. As 7 of the 10 teams in the WTC are from Europe, this event may be a kind on re-run of that event (with USA, China and Egypt thrown in). If it is, one team looking for a bit of payback will be Armenia, who finished just short of first place in the ETCC after drawing 2-2 with Azerbaijan in the final round.
Coverage of the event can be found at and if it is as good as the coverage provided for the 2012 Olympiad, then it should be a pleasure to watch,

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Chris said...

Is Australia not in as we count as Asia? (FIDE Continent?)