Monday, 11 November 2013

European Teams 2013

Running in parallel to the World Championship is the 2013 European Teams Championship. This years event has attracted 38 teams in the Open, and 32 teams in the Open. Russia is the top seed in the Open, with The Ukraine topping the Women's seeding.
Although there have only been 3 rounds, a number of upsets have occurred. In the Open both the English and Russian teams lost to lower rated opponents in round 2, and were then fated to meet each other in the third round. In what would be considered another upset, the Russians were held to a draw by the English, and they were lucky to get that. So both teams are on 3/6 (Match point scoring is being used), while the Czech Republic and France are out in front.
You can get all the results, plus games, live coverage etc from the official website
In the following game Gawain Jones is given a pawn in the opening by Morozevich, and then follows the simple plan of just hanging on to it. Morozevich does not seem to get enough play for his sacrifice and reaches a lost ending, before resigning. If only the rest of us could beat GM's that way!

Jones,Gawain - Morozevich,Alexander [E81]
European Teams Championship, 10.11.2013

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