Thursday 21 November 2013

Carlsen wins a dramatic Game 9 of the 2013 World Championship Match

Magnus Carlsen is half a point from becoming the new World Champion, after a dramatic ninth game of the 2013 World Championship. Realising this may have been his last chance to stage a comeback, Viswanathan Anand played a very sharp line against the Nimzo-Indian, throwing his kingside pawns up the board. Carlsen played for an advantage on the queenside, and the game turned on whether Anand could mate Carlsen on g7/h7 before Carlsen could queen his b pawn. However Anand miscalculated a crucial variation where he allowed Carlsen a second queen (with check!), and played the wrong blocking move. This allowed Carlsen a simple defensive move to halt Anand's attack, and after he realised how badly he blundered, Anand resigned.
Carlsen now leads the match 6-3, and half a point from any of the remaining games is enough for Carlsen to capture the title.

Anand,Viswanathan - Carlsen,Magnus [E25]
2013 World Championship Chennai, 22.11.2013

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