Saturday, 9 November 2013

A bit of a squib

The first game of the 2013 World Championship Match came and went in about the same time it took me to watch 'Blazing Saddles' on TV. The opening was interesting (double fianchetto system by Carlsen), and with the Black knights on d5 and c4 it looked like it was about to kick off. The suddenly the black knights and the white queen did a little dance and the game ended in a draw by repetition. It brings to mind a quote (possibly by Spassky) after a similar game 1 draw, "We were testing the equipment".
I'm currently watching the post game press conference and I sense that the gathered journalists see this as a minor victory for Anand. Anand seems happy with the outcome of the game, while Carlsen is being asked to justify his play. However both players have promised to provide a greater level of combativeness in future games.

Carlsen,Magnus - Anand,Viswanathan [D78]
World Championship Chennai, 09.11.2013

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Anonymous said...

Annotations: 2...g6! equalises against the KIA; 7.c4 is stronger; 9.Nc3 is a forced draw.