Tuesday, 19 November 2013

From opening to ending

Returning home from Belconnen Chess Club, I discovered that game 8 of the Anand - Carlsen World Championship match had already ended in a draw. I'm not sure how much dramatic tension there was in the game, but a quick play through suggested there wasn't much. With a single open file, balanced pawn structures, and the d4-d5 'ram', it was hardly surprising that bits were exchanged at regular intervals. Even the final position seemed to make a statement about how drawn this game really was.
So Carlsen maintains his 2 point lead, and with 4 games to go , his chances of becoming the new World Champion increase. I guess the one thing he needs to guard against is complacency, as any soccer pundit is apt to tell you, two goal leads are often the hardest to defend.


Garvin said...

It was all over in 40 moves with 30 moves. That tells you how hard fought it really was.

Anonymous said...

Magnus is in Vishy's head now. How to beat him?