Saturday 2 November 2013

Most popular chess video on youtube - an update

Updating a post I did last year on youtube videos and chess.

I have revisited youtube in the hope of finding out what is the current most popular video on youtube to do with chess. Last year I found this somewhat difficult I was not able to order videos by popularity, but this seems to have now changed. There is an option to sort by number of views, making my job far easier (Of course this might have been there last year and I failed to see it!)
It turns out the winning video has a lot to do with chess, without being a 'chess' video. It is a clip from from the 1980's musical 'Chess', with Murray Head singing 'One night in Bangkok'. In fact second place is also held by the same film clip (posted by a different user) while 'How to make a Chess Cake' comes in at 4. Only after that do 'real' chess videos appear!


Alana said...

LOVE THIS SONG! I always listen to it on every morning that I have a weekender/big tournament on :)

Anonymous said...

On that note, anyone keen for instructional vids might search St Louis Chess Club on Youtube. Especially look for stuff by Ronen Har-Zvi, an Israeli GM who, for my money, is a very good trainer.