Sunday, 3 November 2013

My last Open and Shut

With 'Australasian Chess' about to be published for the final time, a couple of my regular columns are coming to an end. One that is finishing up is 'Open and Shut' which I have produced ever since the magazine started production. At a rough count there have been 59 columns, featuring games that finished in under 20 moves. The sources for the games were varied, but I did derive particular enjoyment from games where 2600+ players came a cropper.
The final selection of games came from this years European Club Championship, and it turned out I had a surfeit of riches. So much so I can present a game from the event that did not make it into print.

Drzasga,Michael (2019) - Alevizos,Athanasios [C30]
29th ECC Open 2013 Rhodes GRE (2.14), 21.10.2013

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