Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Some fighting chess

It looks like the 'feeling out' period is over in the 2013 World Championship Match, with Game 3 full of excitement that the first two games lacked. The game is still in progress as I type this, but with an unbalanced pawn structure, both sides have chances to score the full point. Anand looks like he is gaining the upper hand in the middlegame (it is move 30), but Carlsen has an aggressively placed knight on g5 (and a queen on h1!).
I'll try and keep watching the action after I post this, and then show the full game in a morning update.

**Update ** The game ended in a draw, albeit one full of fight. Probably the crucial moment was when Carlsen offered a pawn with 28.e3 but Anand decided against taking it straight away. While he eventually did grab the pawn, Carlsen had enough play to soon win it back. Then just before time control Anand allowed the exchange of the last pair of rooks, leaving the position drawn.

Carlsen,Magnus (2870) - Anand,Viswanathan (2775) [A07]
WCh 2013 Chennai IND (3), 12.11.2013

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