Tuesday 7 April 2020

Pin for the win

While I normally try my best to not play chess (except at my local club), I do end up playing the odd extra tournament. One event is a small online round robin, designed to give PNG players some extra practice. It is played at a rate of 1 move every 2 days, although the games are running a lot quicker than that.
Despite starting only 2 weeks ago, I've already scored my first win. One of the reasons the game started so quickly was that is was book up until move 16, and why it finished so quickly was my opponent self-pinned the knight on e7. While 21.Bc4 was the winning-est move, I so wanted to play 21.Qd8+, which I figured was also winning, but not in the most direct way.

shaunpress (2318) - Michelino47 (1588) [B22]
PNG Tournament March 2020 Chess.com, 28.03.2020

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