Sunday 5 April 2020

Nice work if you can get it

Despite the lack of OTB chess at the moment, Magnus Carlsen is keeping himself, and some other GM's, busy, announcing a $250,000 online chess event. The event will consist of Carlsen and 7 other top GM's, playing a round robin of 4 15m+10s games against each other. The top scorers then qualify for a playoff series.
The tournament is being hosted by and begins on the 18th April. While the field has not be finalised as yet, there may be some interesting omissions, for commercial reasons. While online chess hasn't attracted the large sums of money that other eSports has, some GM's have signed contracts with specific cites, which may preclude them from playing on chess24.
As an added bonus, you can install the Premium version of the Magnus Trainer app (Android and iOS) from now until the end of the tournament. Details are at the above link.

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