Monday 20 April 2020

Late night chess-ivision

While chess hasn't taken over the sporting airwaves yet (unlike combat juggling or dodgeball), there is still plenty of chess that can be watched on your computer/tablet/phone. The big event to tune into is the Magnus Carlsen Invitational, being broadcast on Chess24. The tournament has 8 of the worlds best players playing each other online, using the format of 4 quickplay matches per round. The winner of the match gets 3 MP (match points) if won in regulation, while a match decided in a playoff earns 2MP for the winner and 1MP for the loser.
The top 4 players then play a knockout semi-final and final to determining the overall winner.
Despite the late start of midnight (Canberra time), it is well worth watching. The shorter time controls (15m+10s) provide lots of opportunities for interesting games, while the live commentary is quite entertaining. It runs until May 3, so if you don't mind turning up a little late for work, a lot of late nights may be in order.

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