Monday 13 April 2020

Other Bots

I'm not sure how everyone else is handling the current restrictions on movement and travel, but I've decided to treat this as a dry run for my retirement (which isn't that far off). This involves revisiting a number of long postponed projects, as well as starting some new ones.
One project I had put on hold long long time ago was the writing of boardgame bots. The purpose of these bots was two fold. One, to provide on call opponents for me to play, and two, to see if I could develop and implement winning strategies for multi-player games.
I've already implemented by first game, with some pretty basic bots. The game in question is 'For Sale' which is a nice bidding type game for 3 to 6 players. For now I have implemented two of my 'starter bots', Random_Player and Pass_Player, and the next step is to try and build a learning bot.
Once I've done that I might move on to some other fun games like Hanabi or Perudo!

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