Thursday 2 April 2020

Everyone is doing it

It looks as though chess streaming is becoming a real growth industry. On all the major chess platforms you can now find GM's IM's and even humble FM's playing blitz and streaming the game at the same time. Some use built in software, while other streamers use external channels like And given how much of it there is, you can probably log in at any time of the night or day to find some interesting games.
One of the many players doing this is GM Elshan Moradiabadi. He is active on as 'elshan1985' and on as gmelshan1985 gm_elshan1985. He usually takes on all comers at bullet and blitz, while commentating on the game. His comments are both instructive and entertaining, especially when he realises he has had a lucky escape from a near certain loss.
He is normally active in the early afternoon Canberra time (which is late night in the US, where he lives). I logged in this afternoon to watch some of the action, and was fortunate to come across the following hack.

vicarryus (2020) - elshan1985 (2571) [A41]
Rated Blitz game, 02.04.2020

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Anonymous said...

Grrr found it! gm UNDERSCORE elshan1985