Monday 13 April 2020

More online events (this time for juniors)

Having seen the successful launch of online events in Canberra, the next set of events are for junior players. The ACT Junior Chess League had gone online, and will be holding twice weekly events during the school holidays. There will be a 10m tournament on Wednesday afternoons (at 1:30pm), and a Sunday Allegro event (G/15m) starting at 10am.
As these are junior only events, the ACTJCL is taking particular care with the organisation. While players need to identify themselves to the organisers (to make players are who they say they are), the ACTJCL strongly recommends that the players use 'safe mode' when online (this cuts out any messaging or comments). If you are a local ACT junior, and are interested in taking part, create an account on, and then apply to join the Canberra Junior Chess Club. When you apply to join, make sure you identify yourself, as otherwise the application will not be accepted.

I've also received a number of enquiries from non ACT chess players about taking part in the various tournaments. My current recommendation is to join the Street Chess2 club on  (as the membership requirements are a lot more relaxed) for Saturday events. I am also looking at running some longer time control events, open to all Australian players, using offline pairings. This may be up and running in a few weeks, so watch this space.

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