Wednesday 15 April 2020

Flash, bang!

One of the challenges of online chess is keeping track of who is who. While I try and do my best in the tournaments I am organising (5 a week at the moment), it isn't always clear the GhostOfFischer really is Bobby Fischer back from the dead.
Compounding this is that players often use different names on different servers. I'm assuming this isn't an attempt to hide their real identities, but instead provides some individual flair to their accounts (although the Chinese GM using the name Covid-20 might want to keep his identity well under wraps).
With the Firouzja v Carlsen match beginning in a few hours on Chess24, I can at least show one recent game played by Carlsen, under the semi-recognisable name of MagzyBogues

MagzyBogues (3462) - Sanan_Sjugirov (3060) [C51]
chess24 online game | blitz (1.1), 07.04.2020

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