Wednesday 1 July 2015

Yoko Chess

There are very few things that I have as an absolute belief. One, Don Bradman  is simply the greatest sportsmen, of any sport, in history. Two, The Beatles produced the best music of any recording artist, ever.
So anything related to the Beatles peaks my interest. When there is a chess crossover, then my interest is doubled. These two things came together with the news that Yoko Ono has released a chess app called 'Yoko Chess'. The basic 3D version if free (for the iPad/iPhone) but you can get a premium version as well. This contains both a board where all the chess pieces are dogs, while the second set is a version of her famous all white set from 1968, titled 'Play it by Trust'.
The all white set is about showing we are all on the same side, but those who can play "Kibitzer's Chess" can also use it to play that variant.
If you want a copy, click through the story here, and follow the links.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As long as she doesn't sing it can't be all bad.
Don't people say she broke up the Beatles? AO