Wednesday 8 July 2015

2015 Oceania Zonal - Day 5

IM Max Illingworth has maintained his perfect record in the 2015 Oceania Zonal, scoring his 7th consecutive victory. Today he defeated FM Malcolm Stephens in 26 moves to remain a point ahead of second place. The only player in touching distance of Illingworth is IM Anton Smirnov, and as fate would have it, they play in tomorrow's round. A win for Smirnov would at least give the chasing pack a chance to catch up, while Illingworth would be assured of at least equal first with a draw, regardless of his final round result.
Back in third place are a group of players either hoping for a chance at first, or to score enough points to earn a title. The currently untitled Brodie McClymont would earn an FM title with a draw or win tomorrow, while a win for FM Gene Nakauchi would leave him well placed for an IM norm (earned by the top 3 place getters).
The Women's Zonal sees WIM Emma Guo pushing her lead out to the full point after a couple of results went her way in today's round. A quick draw with WIN Nancy Lane might have allowed WIM Biljana Dekic to catch up, but Dekic lost to WIM Katherine Jarek. With two rounds to play Guo is leading on 5.5/7 and having played her closest rivals is well placed to win this event.

Wallis,Christopher - Smirnov,Anton [D11]
2015 Oceania Zonal (7.2), 08.07.2015


Garvin said...

Shaun, with the controversy from the Commonwealth championship, and now the discussion on chesschat, and the use of the 40 moves in 90 minutes etc time control, would you be so kind to do a blog piece on the pro and cons of setting the move/click counter and whether it should be done?

It would also be helpful if you could supply some rulings reference material as well as I could not find much to back up either sides case.

Personally I am against it, but there seems to be two schools of thoughts on the matter, so I am interested in your thoughts on the matter.

Shaun Press said...

No worries Garvin. I might wait until the tournament is over though. Possibly in the next week