Wednesday 15 July 2015

Finished my first event

Apart from being an International Arbiter, I have started directing some tournaments for the ICCF (International Correspondence Chess Federation). The roles has a slightly different title (Tournament Director) but the responsibilities are generally the same. Nonetheless it is a little easier to be a TD than an IA, as my role is a lot more hands off. With most CC played on servers these days, there are no worries about illegal moves, forgetting to press the clock, or players disturbing their opponents.
Mostly it is dealing with queries about opponents who have 'gone silent', claims for wins on time, and draw claims. Otherwise the process (including result collection) is mainly automated.
Happily I have had very few issues so far, and just this evening, completed my first tournament. It was a round robin for the North America/Pacific Zone (NZPF) and was won by Daniel Fisher (USA). I am pleased to say there were no dramas with this tournament and it was quite exciting, with the top four all within a point of each other. I'm pleased it was a pretty easy introduction to CC arbiting, and I hope to direct many more events in the future.

Fisher,Daniel E - Rogers,Dustin
NAPZ/WS/O/52 ICCF, 23.01.2015

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