Sunday 19 July 2015

And slowly it dawns on you

When I get inspired to study some 'hacking' chess, I often look at the games of Joseph Henry Blackburne aka 'The Black Death'. He was an attacking player of the first order, and his collection of games remains one of my favourites. Indeed, when looking through his games I often come across new ideas or surprise finishes that I have not seen before.
When I first saw the moves to the following game I thought it must have ended by mistake (or the moves were cut off in my database). Then it dawned on me that Black was in serious trouble, no matter what they did (eg 12 ... Rf8 13.Qh5) I suspect that this was the same experience that his opponent had, as he played no further moves in this position!

Blackburne,Joseph Henry - De Vere,Cecil Valentine [C60]
BCA-02.Challenge Cup London, 1868


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