Saturday 25 July 2015

2015 ANU Open Day 1

At the end of a gruelling 4 round day, IM Junta Ikeda is the outright leader of the 2015 ANU Open. He was the only player to go 4 from 4, beating IM Richard Jones in round 3, and CM jason Hu in round 4. He is closely followed by IM's Anton Smirnov and Andrew Brown, who drew their round 3 game, and won all the rest.
The tournament has attracted 83 players across the 2 sections (27 in Open, 56 in Minor), which is up 20 players from last year. The Open is headed by 4 IM's (Smirnov, Jones, Ikeda and Brown), with 5 other players rated above 2000. Tomorrow mornings round sees an all local clash on board 1, with Ikeda and Brown playing for the lead, going into the final two rounds.
In the Minor (Under 1600) section David Zanon, Jared Plane and Nhorval Valle share the lead with 4/4. Apart from the surprise performance of the unrated Valle, Jaykob Brooks-Johnson (3/4) and Nellie Clayden (2/4 in her first ever tournament) are among some of the lower rated players who have impressed on the first day.

Full results from the tournament, as well as a link to live coverage of the top two boards can be found at And if you missed some of today's action, here is the exciting round 3 game between IM Andrew Brown and IM Anton Smirnov, where Brown failed to find the win when down to his last seconds, and Smirnov held on the draw the game.

Brown,Andrew - Smirnov,Anton [D15]
2015 ANU Open Canberra, Australia (3.1), 25.07.2015


Anonymous said...

The live games don't want to play on an Android Tablet - missing an applet .
What applet is that? Any ideas?


Shaun Press said...

The current software to broadcast live games from DGT uses Flash. If you can run flash on an android browser you should be fine, otherwise I may have to find another solution

Shaun Press said...

OK Try