Friday 17 July 2015

Being distracted by sport

Winding down from the Oceania Zonal, I find myself increasingly distracted by late night sport. The collision of Australia v England in the Cricket, the Tour de France, the British Open Gold, as well as various other options has resulted in late nights, and less of a focus on chess. Not that I am complaining, as every now and then the brain needs a break of 64 black and white squares.
However it will ramp up again in the next week, with the 2015 ANU Open. As this event is part of the ANU Chess Festival, there will be other events (Blitz, Schools tournaments) to go with it, meaning I should have my hands full.
Speaking of the Oceania Zonal, almost all the games from the event have been uploaded. These can be found at, as part of the tournament results (just some round 8 games in the open to go). Many thanks to Alana Chibnall, Charles Zworestine, Brian Jones, Ian Rogers, Cathy Rogers, David Webster and Nick Cooper for typing these in (apologies if I have missed anyone btw)
And speaking of sport, Steve Smith just brought up his double century!

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