Sunday 12 July 2015

Australia v Norway - Final result

A fortnight ago an Australian Women's team played a Norwegian Women's team in a 6 board match, hosted by the chess server Despite being outrated on each board the Australian team drew the match 3-3 with Alana Chibnall and Giang Nguyen winning their games. Emma Guo and Leteisha Simmonds drew , while Heather Richards and Alexandra Jule lost. The match went pretty smoothly, although a couple of players were flagged by the server when they possibly still had some time on the clock (1 player from each side).
As part of the publicity from the match WIM Heather Richards did a radio interview with SBS for their Norwegian service, and you can listen to it here. Although the interview is in English, Heather could well have conducted it in Norwegian having spent some time their as a student a number of year ago.
The match was held at the end of a training session for a group of leading Australian female players, held alongside the JETS training squad on the Gold Coast. The good result for the players should be helpful for Australian chess, as it puts forward a number of Olympiad contenders for the 2016 Baku team.

Haug,Marianne W (2042) - Chibnall,Alana (1922) [C60]
AUS vs NOR Women's Online Match, 28.06.2015

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