Monday 20 July 2015

Play with your city

I have come across another novel design for a chess set, this time using architectural themes for piece design.  Skyline Chess have used some iconic buildings from the London skyline to symbolise chess pieces, with the pieces either being matched to form, or importance. For example rook are represented by Big Ben, while the Canary Wharf building is the King (money never sleeps!). The most interesting choice is of the London Eye as the knight, but I guess it makes sense, in terms of where knights can end up!
This concept can obviously be extended to other cities of the world, although some may be easier to adapt than others. Sydney has a few obvious candidates (Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Centrepoint Tower), although Canberra may find it a little harder. If I had to have a stab at it I might choose

  • King = Parliament House
  • Queen = High Court
  • Bishop = National Library
  • Knight = Captain Cook Fountain
  • Rook = War Memorial
  • Pawn = Black Mountain Tower
Not convinced about my choice for the Knight, and maybe Black Mountain Tower should be promoted to something more important!

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