Friday, 20 March 2015

Working hard or hardly working

I am a little bit reticent about showing this game. While it has some historical interest, in that Ian Hosking and myself have been playing against each other for 30 years, the quality of the play isn't that great.
For the last few times we have played, I have used the Closed Sicilian, but for old times sake I went back to the Grand Prix Attack, which I used a lot 20 years ago. The only problem with it is that it no longer works as well as it did, as most Sicilian players have worked out what to do against it. And so it was in this game, where my bold pawn sacrifice just left me down a pawn. Then to compound matters I got my bishop trapped and all I had were some cheap tricks based on hitting the Black queen. However Ian miscalculated a combi starting with Nxg4 and I suddenly had some chances to salvage something from the wreckage. Nonetheless it still took some bad moves from both sides to end up in a drawn position. Along the way we both missed wins (29 .. Kg8, 31.Kf2) so a draw might have been a fair result, although 0-0 (the score, not the move) would have been more accurate.

Press,Shaun - Hosking,Ian [B23]
University Cup, 17.03.2015

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