Saturday 7 March 2015

2015 ACT Championship - Day 2

Jeremy Reading and Harry Press share the lead in the ACT Championships, with 3/3 after today's 2 rounds. Reading had a very tough second round against Thomas Johnston, with the game reaching R+B v R after 70 moves. While the ending is usually drawn in theory, it is hard to defend in practice, and this is how it turned out. Reading had a more direct victory in the third round, beating James Satrapa with an attack on his king.
Press defeated Indis Danaswara in round 2, before beating Brian Butler in a hard fought third round game. Press and Reading will meet in tomorrow mornings round, with the winner well placed for overall victory.
A couple of other tournament favourites had a tough time in today's round. Tim Pearce beat Victor Braguine in round 2, but was in turn upset by Bill Egan in the third round. Despite losing to Press in the 2nd round, Danaswara bounced back to beat Thomas Johnston in the third round, while Saffron Archer scored a good win over Albert Winkelman.
Full tournament results can be found here ( You can also play through the games from the event by clicking the games link.

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