Monday 9 March 2015

2015 ACT Championship - Final day

After 7 hard fought rounds, Adrian De Noskowski is the 2015 ACT Champion, after beating Jeremy Reading in the final round of the tournament. Reading went into the final round on 5.5/6, after drawing with Alana Chibnall in the morning round, while De Noskowski had beaten Victor Braguine to reach 5/6.
The Reading v De Noskowski game started with an early draw offer from Reading, but De Noskowski declined it, knowing that only a win would deliver him the championship. At one stage Reading was a pawn to the good, but De Noskowski kept looking for counterplay. Reading tried to shut down De Noskowski's play with a temporary piece sacrifice, but this rebounded when De Noskowski set up a mating net. The win allowed De Noskowski to claim the title by half a point, and relegate Reading to second place.
Alana Chibnall finished in outright third after drawing both her day 4 games. She was worse for quite a while against Dillon Hathiramani but a fairly generous draw offer allowed he to finish on 5/7. Bill Egan had a good tournament, drawing with Harry Press in the final round and picking up a share of the Under 1700 prize. Along side him were Thomas Johnston and Joshua Lee, all on 4.5. Indis Danaswara was the best Under 1100 on 4/7 (including a win over De Noskowski in round 1), while Benjamin Woo was the Best Under 800 on the same score.
Final standings plus all the games from the tournament can be found here.

Reading,Jeremy (1960) - De Noskowski,Adrian (1851)
2015 ACT Championship Canberra, Australia (7.1), 09.03.2015

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