Thursday 12 March 2015

2015 ANU Masters - Week 5

Victor Braguine continues to lead the 2015 ANU Masters, bouncing back after his loss last week. against Jeremy Reading he waited until Reading overextended himself while looking for an attack that wasn't there. Eventually Reading had too many pieces under attack and was forced to surrender material.
Fred Litchfield held on to second place, beating Alana Chibnall in an old fashioned Italian Opening. As in her first round game, Chibnall's position was not as bad as she thought, and she had drawing chances up until the last few moves. However she missed the best continuation and resigned when faced with a lost ending.
New ACT Champion Adrian De Noskowski had a clear advantage for a lot of the game against Harry Press. But Press was able to whip up counterplay despite being a pawn down, and after the exchange of most of the pieces, a drawn position was reached.
In the longest game of the night Miles Patterson and Andrey Bliznyuk drew after reaching a complicated ending.  With a Queen and 3 minor pieces each both sides were looking for a winning breakthrough but eventually the point was split.
With two rounds to play, Braguine leads with 4/5. Litchfield is second on 3.5 and Patterson third on 3.

De Noskowski, Adrian (1708) - Press,Harry (1965)
2015 ANU Masters Canberra AUS (5.1), 11.03.2015

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