Monday, 9 March 2015

2015 ACT Championship - Day 3

With 2 rounds the play, Jeremy Reading leads the 2015 ACT Championship with 5/5. He started that day with a win over joint leader Harry Press, before beating CM Bill Egan in the afternoon round. A point behind Reading are Alana Chibnall and Adrian De Noskowski. Chibnall players Reading in round 6, while De Noskowski is up against Victor Barguine.
The Reading Press pairing resulted in an exciting game, with Press on the defensive for a lot of the game. However he held Reading at bay, and at one stage reached a nearly winning position. However he missed a strong knight fork, and allowed Reading to reach a win rook and pawn ending. The loss for Press had a knock on effect, as he then blundered his queen on move 8 against Adrian De Noskowski  in the 5th round to end the day on 3/5.
Chibnall had two reasonably quick wins, beating Tim Pearce and Brian Butler. Curiously Butler resigned after he decided the move he played was a blunder, thinking Chibnall was winning his queen. Turns out that he could have block that threat, but the move that Chibnall was going to play was in fact winning.
Going onto the final day Reading is the clear favourite to capture the title, but a loss the Chibnall would throw the tournament wide open. Even a draw would create chances for the chancing pack.
Results and games from the tournament can be found here.

Reading,Jeremy (1960) - Press,Harry (1898)
2015 ACT Championship Canberra, Australia (4.1), 08.03.2015

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