Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Good eating = Good chess

The Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) featured chess in an article the other day, looking at the link between good health and good chess. A number of Australian players were quoted, including GM Zong Yuan Zhao and FM Manuel Weeks.
One player featured in the story was GM Gawain Jones, who is always a popular visitor to these shores. In an attempt to improve his result Jones had a change of diet, which meant dispensing with the familiar English cuisine of battered fish and beer. Apparently this was a successful move as under the new diet, his results improved.
Personally I am yet to see similar improvements for myself, having become a semi-regular bike rider (around 30 km's a week). However, as I tend to try and keep my games as short as possible, (either through finding some trick, or taking a draw), my improved stamina probably has yet to find the right moment to shine.
The article, titled "Grandmasters of bodies as well as minds" can be found here, at the ABC website.

(Thanks to Stuart Fancy for sending me the link)

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