Sunday 22 March 2015

2015 Dubbo Open - Day 2

The 2015 Dubbo Open ended with Harry Press and Dragan Granjis tying for first place with 5/6. Half a point behind were David Lovejoy and NSW Country Champion Fritz Vander Waal.
The second day started with David Lovejoy half a point in front, and he kept his lead with a draw against Alana Chibnall. He was joined by Harry Press, who beat Oskar Hellmann, and they played in the 5th round. After a lot of manoeuvring in the Ruy Lopez, Press found a breakthrough on the kingside and went into the last round with a half point lead. Close behind Press were Dragan Granjis, who had beaten Chibnall in round 5, and Vander Waal, who had beaten Malachi Odonoghue.
In the final round Press drew with Vander Waal to guarantee at least a share of first place, where he was joined by Granjas, who beat top seed Don Keast. In third place were Vander Waal, and David Lovejoy, who beat tournament organiser Alexander Aich, to reach 4.5.
Rating prizes were shared by Aich, Col Parsons, Hellmann and Bill Egan (Under 1700), while John Sumner won the Under 1300 prize. Nikhil Rajesh was the best junior player.
While the field was a little smaller this year it was still an enjoyable event for all who took part. The make up of the field meant that all the games were hard fought, and there were no easy draws. Press and Granjas went through the tournament undefeated, as did Fritz Vander Waal. Full standings from the tournament can be found here.

Lovejoy,David - Press,Harry [C90]
2015 Dubbo Open, 22.03.2015

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