Monday 16 March 2015

Mis-adventures in the Dutch

As part of a 2014 New Years resolution I abandoned the Grunfeld Defence and switched to the Dutch Defence as my main answer to 1.d4 While the experiment has not gone that badly, I am starting to run into a common problem, which is how to avoid drawish positions. I suspect some of my regular opponents have done a little research and have wheeled out some lines that are a little tough to crack. Usually the games have ended in draws, but while I don't mind splitting the point, in the main it is against lower rated opponents.
But I shouldn't cry so much, as it could be worse. In the current Reykjavik Open, GM Alan Stig Rasmussen played the Dutch, only to be demolished in 19 moves. His opponent offered a pawn on move 9, and it only took a couple of missteps after that for his position to be in ruins.

Hauge,Lars Oskar (2380) - Rasmussen,Allan Stig (2532) [A80]
Reykjavik Open 2015 Harpa (3.14), 11.03.2015

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