Saturday, 4 October 2008

Mothers, what can you do?

My mother recently spent a week holidaying in Thailand. While she was there she noticed a fellow resort guest wearing a shirt with a prominent chess logo. Given that her favourite son (ie me) played chess she decided to strike up a conversation. It went approximately like this

Mum: Excuse me, are you a chess player?
Chess player: Yes I am.
M: My son plays chess. Are you a good chess player?
C: I've been the US Champion 4 times and also won the World Junior Championship
M: Oh. What is your name?
C: Yasser Seirawan
M: I wonder if my son has heard of you? He is playing for Papua New Guinea at the next Chess Olympiad.
C: I'm pretty sure he has.

And Yasser is correct. I have heard of him (and have a number of his books, shared a boat ride in Instanbul and communicated with him when I was working on Australian Chess Forum).

But clearly he was a good sport as he even accepted a request to write a note of support to the PNG team for the Olympiad.

Dear Shaun,
wishing you and the Papua New Guinea team the very best!
Sincerely yours
Yasser Seirawan

So if you are reading this, thanks Yasser, and I guess, thanks mum.

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