Tuesday, 28 October 2008

2008 WCC - Game 10

Kramnik hangs on!
Vladimir Kramnik prolonged the 2008 World Chess Championship in the only possible way, by winning Game 10 of the match. The win, the first by Kramnik, narrowed the margin to 2 points (Anand leads 6-4), and extends tha match by at least another game.
In what appears to be a late match surge, Kramnik once again obtained an advantage out of the opening. The game started as a g3 Nimzo-Indian, and the players navigated their way through plenty of opening theory, before Kramnik played a novelty on move 18 (Re1). After that Kramnik increased his advantage by targeting Anand's queenside, while Anand had a couple of pieces on the wrong side of the board. Despite attempts to scramble back Anand was ultimately too slow, and Kramnik's push of the a pawn to a5 resulted in a decisive invasion of the Black position. Anand resigned on move 29.

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