Wednesday, 22 October 2008

2008 WCC Game 6

Spectators are certainly getting their moneys worth, with Anand scoring his third win in six games over Kramnik. Despite my prediction of a couple of drawn games, Kramnik decided to try and fight back immediately. Unfortunately it backfired, leaving him with an almost impossible task to save the match.
The game started as a Nimzoindain (as in Game 2), although this time Anand chose the more popular 4.Qc2. Kramnik offered the exchange of queens with 6. ... Qf5 and although Black is left with doubled pawns, the position is considered easy to defend for Black.
Kramnik's big mistake came on move 18 where he pushed to c5, rather than defend passively. It eventually lost him a pawn and from there it seemed to go downhill. He gave away another pawn but failed to generate enough compensation. Anand got a pawn to g7 and after some deft tactics was able to promote. Kramnik resigned a few moves after the first time control was reached.
Anand now only needs 2 points (from the remaining 6 games) to win the match. Unless Kramnik's team is able to find a hole in Anand's so far excellent opening preparation this match looks like it is done.


James said...

Looks like Vishy'll win the quinella of retaining his crown and going back to the top of the ratings.

Anonymous said...

As you know, first move in the game made A Karpov visiting the match. So, the joke on the internet now: "Replacement in the Russian team. A. Karpov (12) will be playing instead of V. Kramnik (14)".