Wednesday, 1 October 2008

2009 O2C Doeberl Cup - Entries Open

Entries for the 2009 O2C Doeberl Cup are now being accepted on the tournament website ( As the site for the 2009 tournament only went live this afternoon there are only a couple of entries for the Premier, but they are GM's Merab Gagunashvili (Georgia) and Abhijit Kunte (India).
Full tournament information is available from the website including details of the various events (Premier, Under 2000, Under 1600, Under 1200 and the Seniors), as well as the tournament conditions in operation for next year.

Next years event will see
  • The introduction of a "fighting fund" to reward combative chess in the final round of the Premier
  • Chess 960 making a debut
  • GM Ian Rogers providing commentary throughout the tournament
  • A reduced entry fee for the Seniors (over 50 years) event
Importantly there are limits on the size of the fields for each of the tournaments so to ensure that you get into the tournament you wish to play (eg the Premier) it is far better to enter as soon as possible, rather than leave it up to chance.

(Usual disclaimer: I am a paid official at this event)


Jim said...


How is the Chess 960 to be organised? Is each board to be given envelopes on the positions? Are they to be the same for each boarde? Are the positions to be shown on a big screen and each player to set up the position?

How are the starting positions to be monitored?

Or are these silly questions covered in the detail of FIDE rules?

Brian Jones said...

DGT has a new clock called the DGT960 which generates the positions!

Shaun Press said...

Ignoring the blatant advertising ....

The plan is to generate a single position per round and project it on a screen that everyone can see. Players will be given 2 minutes to set up the position and study it before the games commence.
It will be the players responsibility to ensure that the starting positions are correct (just as in normal chess).