Friday, 31 October 2008

I'm leavin' on a jet plane

I head off to Europe tomorrow, although hopefully my blogging will not be disrupted too much.
The main purpose of the trip is to play in the Olympiad in Dresden (for Papua New Guinea), although I will also be having a weeks holiday in England first.
So for the next week I'll try and keep up the chess content, although it may end up looking like a travelogue. However when the Olympiad starts I should be back to full on, serious chess blogging, with plenty of insider coverage of the Olympiad (although it will be from the back, not the front, of the field).
Of course this all depends on me having net access, although my media accreditation for the Olympiad came through so it shouldn't be a problem.


Malcolm said...

Have a good trip, Shaun. I hope the Olympiad ends up being a lot of fun.

Phil Bourke said...

Have a good time. Will cheer for you and PNG, unless of course you face the Aussies :)