Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The art of negotiation

While details are still sketchy, it appears the Australian Chess Federation has had to deal with another association who hasn't paid all their junior chess levy's. Apparently the VCA has had moneys outstanding from 2004-06. But rather than deal with them in this manner, (which then resulted in this) , the ACF and the VCA came up with a figure (a nice round $1000) which the ACF was happy to charge, and the VCA was happy to pay. In the ACF's defence, apparently neither side actually knew how much money was really owed by the VCA, so any number greater than $0 could be considered a bonus.
I hope to have further details when the minutes of last ACF council meeting are distributed.

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Anonymous said...

My understanding is that the ACF did in fact send a very similar set of sanctions to ChessVic in order to bring them to the negotiation table.

The cases were actually different.

In the ACT's case there was never any dispute that the number of teams had played in the schools tournaments - just that there was a lack of equity between states in the way the teams were being counted. (the divisional problem)

In Victoria's case the start of the Cordover tournaments had led to a huge decrease in the number of teams playing in ChessVic's tournaments from 2004 onwards. However somewhat bizarrely no-one in Victoria seemed able to come up with actual figures of who had played in their tournaments. The ACF was using 2003 figures from before Cordover got going with his own school tournament. Vic knew it was greatly less but no accurate figures....

Disclaimer - all this is second hand and hearsay...