Wednesday, 22 October 2008


The long overdue 2008 ACTCA AGM was held last night a the Australian National University. There was good attendance of 19 members, out of an estimated 35 current ACTCA members!
The main purpose of the meeting (about from the statutory requirements) was to get the ACT Chess Association functioning again, and some aspects of the meeting indicated how important that was. Of last years committee only the President attended (and he arrived 15 minutes late). The current Secretary was absent, so no minutes from last years AGM were able to be presented for approval. Last years meeting failed to elect a treasurer, so the financial reports for 1997 2007 were (a) incomplete and (b) not able to be presented for approval. There was also no Presidents report presented. The Junior Chess representative was unable to be present (currently in Japan) but he was represented by the current president of the ACT Junior Chess League.
However, elections for this years committee were held, with all positions filled unopposed. The new committee is
  • President: Stephen Mugford
  • Vice-President: Mos Ali
  • Secretary: Jim Kitay
  • Treasurer: James Satrapa
  • Junior Delegate: Shun Ikeda
The major task of the new committee will be to bring the finances up to date. The new President also spoke of the importance of improving communications with the members and also working closely with the clubs to improve to management of both the clubs and the ACTCA.
The meeting discussed a number of other matters (Doeberl Cup, world record attempts etc) but these were mostly of a non-controversial nature, and indeed I could see some eyes glazing over as the discussions got "down to the weeds", as Stephen Mugford put it.
Overall it was a significant meeting in terms of achieving what it needed to achieve, and it was pleasing to see the number of ACT chess players who attended, as clearly they feel that a working association is important.


Jim said...

Congratulations to those elected to the Committee. Hope all goes well for the future of chess in the ACT - and Oz.

Chesslover said...

Well done Stephen!

Alex said...

Great news Shaun. My only question, though, is why you decided not to put your hand up for a position on council?

Best Regards,

Alex Toolsie

Shaun Press said...

I was nominated for the position of Vice President but declined the nomination.
Over the last few years a lot of what has happened at the ACTCA has been based on keeping me off the ACTCA council, as there has been a belief in some sections of the ACT chess community that I wanted to take over the ACTCA for my own selfish agendas.
There are 2 things wrong with this thinking. Firstly it is pretty juvenile to want to stand for a position just to stop someone else getting it. Secondly, the belief isn't grounded in fact. The only time I've stood for ACTCA President in the last decade or so, was a few years ago when the outgoing President Denis Jessop asked me to stand as he felt I would make a good successor.
But I realise that people do behave in a juvenile manner, and rather than invite a repeat of last years AGM I made the decision a long time ago not to stand for any ACTCA positions.

Alex said...
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Alex said...

I completely understand Shaun.

My time as CAQ Vice President was also difficult because of the juvenile behaviour of a single member. Eventually I simply came to the conclusion that I did't need the hassle. My successor, Bill Powell, a former CAQ President from the 80's, then had exactly the same difficulties working with that very individual.

Simply put, there seems to be far too much politics and factionalism in various state chess associations. I am not sure that is always in the best interests of the game. Indeed, I doubt it is.

Unfortunately, many of those same characters often frequent Chess Chat where the conflicts spill over.

Its easy to get caught up in it all, but it can also be hard sometimes just walking away.

Best Regards,

Alex Toolsie