Sunday, 19 October 2008

2008 ACTCA Annual General Meeting

Over the last 18 months (if not more), the ACT Chess Association has run into some difficulties. One of the major outcome of these difficulties is that the Association has almost ceased to function, in both the practical and legal sense. The failure to hold an Annual General Meeting (as required by the ACT Incorporation Act) has left the association in a legal limbo.
Fortunately this is about to be remedied, with the ACT Chess Associations Annual General Meeting to be held this Tuesday night (21 October 2008) from 7:30 pm at the club rooms of the ANU Chess Club, Floor 4, Asian Studies Building, Australian National University.
Now I know that AGM's are not everyone cups of tea, but I think it is important that as many ACTCA members make the effort to attend as possible. Not because it will be a contentious meeting (indeed it is likely to be the opposite), but because this years meeting is mostly about showing that the ACTCA is once again a functioning body, in both a practical and legal sense.
At the moment the ACT chess scene has a lot going for it (successful weekenders, well organised junior scene, influx of strong players etc) and probably the major missing piece is an effective state association. So for me it is no longer about whether I like/dislike the current or future office bearers, but simply whether the office bearers are able to run the association at the level required. As the meeting on Tuesday is going to deal with this issue (and hopefully resolve it), having a big turn out from the Canberra chess community to support this principle would show that we regard this ideal as important.

(Shaun - speaking for me and only me)

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